My name, as you may be curious to know, is Jess. I’m a 23 year old recent graduate from Hofstra University on Long Island. I just received a B.A in Film Studies and Production and I’m still pretty unsure what to do with it.  Also, I rarely know what day of the week it is. I’m still debating if that’s a commentary on my constant state of oblivion or the monotony of my daily life – opinions? I was born and raised on Long Island and despite my career up until recently being exclusively in retail and customer service, I have an immense passion for Film, Music and Writing. Unfortunately, I was not born musically inclined. But, despite me being maybe the worst screenwriter ever to walk the planet, I’ve been told in general my writing isn’t awful. Also, I suspect there are thousands of kids all over the world in the same state of post-graduation panic that I find myself in daily.

Will she ever get out of debt? Will she find a job that doesn’t make her want to dive off a bridge?  Where have all her friends gone? The suspense is dreadful, but stick with me and find out!


Me and a child who certainly doesn’t belong to me: my cousin James

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