The Most I will Ever Have to Say About A Kardashian

Typically, I wouldn’t even spend 140 characters on a Kardashian. They’re not my thing. I am not a viewer of their TV show or a buyer of their products. But something has come up today and I have a lot to say. (Too much for a Facebook Status, or it would’ve just gone there)

I respect Kim Kardashian for her talents, because whatever you may think of her and her family, they are a talented and smart group of ladies. But, it’s important to classify that talent. They are certainly the best at what they do and by that, I mean they are marketing geniuses. They can sell a brand better than almost anyone. I don’t know too many PR agents that could spin a sex tape of some mildly notable girl into what I imagine is a multi-million dollar corporation.

So, Kim Kardashian is now a brilliant business woman, a mom, a fashion designer(?), haver of a giant butt and phenomenal hair and skin and famous boyfriends, I’m sure a good person overall and a reality TV star.

For this reason, Kim Kardashian absolutely does not deserve a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. She is not an entertainer, no matter what her stupid, stupid [freakishly talented] husband has to say in a rambling, chaotic excuse for a late night interview. (Which I will not link to because ew.)

So long as reality TV is going to keep up the facade of being completely organic, Kim Kardashian will not be considered an actress. This is less her fault than the industry’s, but it is what it is. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is home to film, music and TV royalty. It does not belong to documentary subjects nor will it ever and you don’t get a star for being good at being a human; you get one for exceptional creative talent, which Kim – to my knowledge – has none. The idea is cameras capture her living her daily life. I’m in no position to point fingers at whether or not that’s the truth of the situation, but that’s the idea. She is a subject. The end.

So Kanye – my advice would be to take all of your creative genius and write your wife a movie script or a hit single, which I’m absolutely sure you could do, and earn her a star if she wants one so bad.