And Then, Life Got Awesome For A While

So, I’ve apparently arrived safely in the Real World.

I’m a little afraid to jinx myself because I’m just overwhelmingly content with how things are going right now, but I am so I’m gonna tell ya about it. Very early in 2013, shortly after I made a promise to leave 2012 in the dust and never discuss it again, something incredible happened: the NHL and the NHLPA struck a deal and saved my hockey season. This sounds pretty trivial, but it’s not. This deal kicked my first few months of post-college-real-world-life into high gear (assuming there’s a scale ranging from low to high, judging excitement and pace of life).

Back track with me real quick. I honestly don’t remember if I even mentioned this, but sometime last fall when I was hopeless and was pretty sure I was going to be forced to go to grad school against my will or face a life of failure and return to my job at the tanning salon, I applied, as a last ditch effort to procure a future, for an internship in the NHL Tech Ops Center (TOC) which is located in my building at work and run by my supervisors and managers. Let me be clear. I’m pretty sure I was not qualified for this position at all. I call support for basically every technical problem I have. I am a regular Genius Bar attendee. I was pretty positive no one was going to allow me to troubleshoot things related to the NHL situation room in Toronto. But I guess I made an impression or my degree in communications is worth something or whatever, because I got the internship pending the start of the NHL season.

Fast forward back to now. This internship was the best thing I ever decided to do out of desperation and maybe ever period. The TOC stuff is so challenging and fast and really frustrating and awesome. I’ve learned so much and if nothing else, it’s a brand new skill set for my resume and I basically watch Hockey for a living. I also really like the people I’m working with so going to work every night, usually for no pay, doesn’t make me want to die inside. This is all very new to me. I was a little bummed when I was passed over for the full time position that recently became available but I was also crazy thankful that I was even considered since I’ve only been working there a few months.

I always pictured myself as having to struggle to accept rejection in the work place cause I’m not so great with it in regular life. I’m very used to getting what I want. However, when my boss told me that I didn’t get the position (which was news to me since I hadn’t even realized my name was in the pool for people to be promoted) there was no holding back of tears necessary. I was genuinely just thankful that I’m valued enough to be thought of in any management capacity so quickly. I understood why they promoted the person they did and I was happy for her. (I know right. What?! Who even am I?!) I’ve worked most of my life in retail for minimum wage. Feeling like I matter and that people realize I’m pretty smart and capable is basically the best feeling ever bar none. A couple weeks before I graduated a professor who I really trust told me I should stay at this company as long as I can and try and make it work because he really sees it going someplace and to get in on the ground floor would be a really smart move on my part. I love this. I love that I’m happy there and that it has potential and I’m working my ass off and people are noticing and it is what it is, but it’s so great for now and so great for a first year’s experience in the real world. It’s still  a very new company in a lot of ways and constantly changing but I’m going to do my best to stick it out for a while cause ya never know, right?

To say I’ve thrown myself into work since starting my internship is a bit of an understatement. When I’m not interning, I work on a special NHL project in the company (which, if you’re keeping track, allows me to list ‘NHL’ on my resume two separate times in multiple positions less than ten weeks out of college. Thank you, Relevant Work Experience/Hockey Gods) that only a few editors get to be a part of and is pretty awesome. But I’m basically there every night from between 11AM and 3PM to between 10PM and 1AM. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen my friends. I’m alright with this though. I can remember saying on record a lot before I graduated that I’d work whatever hours I had to if it meant I had a job with potential that I liked and that seems to be the pile I’ve accidentally stepped into. I work crazy hours and have basically kissed my social life goodbye until the Stanley Cup Finals in June and I’m so, so okay with it because I really, really like what I do. How many people get to say that two months after they graduate? Probably not many is my informed guess. (Eternal Optimism prevails!)

I’m not seeing/dating anyone despite my aunts’ best efforts, mostly because I don’t have time to, which is a legitimate reason for the first time in my life. I really liked pretending I was crazy busy when I was still in college. Now I really know the meaning of the word. I go full days without seeing my family because we often keep opposite hours. It’s totally cool though, because I have an awesome job that I’m kicking ass at and I’m really great. (I don’t know if anyone’s caught on to that yet. Let me say it again. I really like my job a lot.)

Also, I promise I’m not trying to be one of those people who say they’re overly optimistic and content with their life to keep up with appearances on the internet. I really, really am this happy and, sorry not sorry, I kind of feel like I deserve it a little after the cluster fuck of a year I had. Blam.


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