The Day The NHL Will Probably Lock Out

Today, hearts of hockey fans everywhere are heavy and broken. If the players and the owners fail to reach an agreement by midnight tonight, for the second time in 8 years, the NHL will lock out its players. And, Sid told us that things don’t look promising and I believe anything he says. I have no idea what this means technically for the league or the economy or statistically or anything fancy like that. I love sports, I really do, but numbers hurt my brain so overall my understanding is that it’s no good.  This is not a sports blog. If you’re looking for something more technical, I suggest you go elsewhere. I wanted to say something about this because it profoundly effects my life as a sports fan. So, personally, this is what the NHL lockout means for me.

First of all, I love those players more than I love most people I actually know and have a real connection to. But, when most of my fellow 20-something’s are struggling just to get jobs and pay bills, it’s a little off putting to know that there are kids – and they are kids. Most rookies are younger than me – in the world who are arguing over millions of dollars in revenue to play a game. Just saying. But, I do side with them. I think if the money’s there, they’re the ones who deserve to have it over the owners. They’re the ones getting their heads bashed in and enduring what I can’t even begin to understand is the physical toll of Hockey. They’re the ones the fans love and who they come to see, not the owners. It’s their merchandise we buy. They’re where the money comes from and they truly earn it. As far as I’m concerned, the owners should be so afraid of losing them, they grant them every single concession.

But what does it mean practically for my day-to-day life when the NHL locks out? Cause let’s face it. That’s what’s most important here. By August, I miss Hockey so much that I’m literally counting the days until October. This is entirely at odds with my unnatural love and attachment to the Summer months, but usually by mid August, the Mets have lost my attention and have completely disappointed me. Football has started and I love my Jets, but football doesn’t offer the same kind of longevity and commitment that Hockey does. Football is almost entirely over as the Hockey season is just reaching its midpoint. What am I supposed to do with myself in February? The NBA? That’s a joke. Then there’s March Madness, which is often even eclipsed by The Rangers’ run for the playoffs anyway. Not having Hockey is like pressing pause on my life Fall through Spring. It’s the only reason I look forward to the cold months. I get more excited for the Winter Classic, a game that actually means nothing, than I do for New Years. I will literally not know what to do with myself without a Hockey season. And, what am I supposed to put on my Christmas list, may I ask? Last year, I got two jerseys. I had every intention of expanding my collection this year to keep up with the trades since some of my favorite players are sadly no longer Blueshirts and my boyfriend, Jordan Staal, has been traded to the Hurricanes. But, if I don’t know where the revenue’s going, you can be sure I won’t be spending any money on NHL merchandise or asking my relatives to.

So basically, the NHL lockout will be saving me, the fan, a lot of time and money. It will allow me to invest that time and money elsewhere – maybe in the NFL which needs no help growing and attracting a fan base. I will certainly miss hockey games and all my winter hockey gear, but I could also use an extra $1,000 which is probably about what I spend in all facets of Hockey things over the course of a season between tickets and merchandise. Hear that, Bettman? You’re only hurting yourself here. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face, you awful little troll. Give us our season!


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