Let’s start at the Beginning – a very good place to start.

Well, the beginning of my story – the part of the story that people who aren’t legally obligated to love me will care about, anyway – is Fall of 2008 when I chose the wrong college.

Ya see, if you really want to know, in high school, I was brilliant. Not valedictorian brilliant, but the kind of kid who was pretty good friends with the valedictorian but still illegally drank beer in the woods on the weekends. Essentially, with the exception of Ivy League schools, I probably would’ve gotten in anywhere I applied. The summer before senior year, B.U was my dream school. I was in love with the idea of living in Boston. Something about cold Massachusetts winters just screams “collegiate”. However, the summer before my senior year was also the summer John ruined my life. Now, in retrospect, breaking up with John was actually laughable. We only dated about a month and I use the word “dated” as loosely as possible. Mostly we hung out at his house and watched movies. Occasionally, we took a trip to the cheesecake factory. Once, he made me stand in goal and shot hockey pucks at me to warm up for his Ice Hockey game. But, I was seventeen and we were truly in love and when he broke up with me before he left for college in Massachusetts, it ruined my life. Just to quote him and remind the world how awful of a human being he is, there would be “a lot of girls at college. I don’t want to limit myself”. I wish I could show you all a picture of the two of us in high school without being a cruel, awful, shallow person, but he was not the one in the scenario who could’ve done better and that’s where I’ll leave it. I was so angry at him, even still in October when I was filling out applications, that I refused to attend a University in the same state as him. (I have to be clear. He did NOT attend a Boston based school. He was at some tiny little school in suburban Mass.  It’s my life mission to make sure he gets no credit he doesn’t actually deserve. Judge me.) My application to B.U never even got submitted. (As I understand it, John currently dates an 8th grader and works full time at a grocery store. I hope he’s very happy.)

Hofstra was my fall back school. There was no question that I’d get in on merit alone, but my recommendation letter from a Hofstra professor certainly didn’t hurt my chances either. Their admissions rep visited my school and told me on site that I’d been accepted. A few weeks later I was invited into their Honors College and a few weeks after that I received my scholarship offer. And, that, my friends, was the extent of my college admissions process. Brilliant, but immeasurably lazy. If I had worked half as hard in high school as I’ve had to in college, I would’ve been valedictorian. Ask my mom. She tells me all the time.  I was accepted to a school whose average accepted SAT scores were nearly 200 points under what I’d gotten on the test. But, I was a senior taking 5 AP courses. I was tired of working and felt horribly guilty asking my parents for money for applications, so the buck stopped there – literally. I was going to Hofstra.

As a disclaimer, Hofstra’s a pretty good school, don’t get me wrong. However, as a Film Student, I probably would’ve been better served by about a million other places. Also, I probably would’ve been better served as a TV or Business major but those are things I don’t like to think about. Also, I make no excuses about why I ended up at the wrong school. I was too lazy to do the research or figure out where I actually belonged. My predicament was no one’s fault but my own. But I made the best out of my situation. I met some great people and have had a pretty outstanding experience the past three years.

A lot of things happened in between 2008 and now. I made a couple friends on campus but mostly hung around with the old ones from home, accumulated thousands of dollars of debt, “dated” a couple dudes who put John’s level of douchebaggery to actual shame. Like, knowing them and knowing him, I’ve often wondered if maybe he wasn’t so awful. (He was.) I spent a month abroad, worked my ass off at a job I hate for virtually no money, gained 30 lbs and lost 35 (simply by moving home and eating my moms cooking regularly again) and most recently, I’ve learned what actual heartbreak feels like, which reaffirmed my suspicion that I was more in love with my prom dress than I was with John back in the high school days.

But – here I am! There’s no turning back after three years of grinning and bearing it. I’m in my second week of my final semester of Undergrad, which will more than likely be my final semester of school ever. As it stands, I have no plans of going to grad school. I have landed an internship, I have a job interview for something I would actually enjoy doing and that’s related to my $100,000 education and I couldn’t be more simultaneously excited and terrified.

And so, I will share this journey with you – my readers. (reads: my parents and good friends…). And sometimes maybe I’ll share some other Creative Writing pieces I do for fun, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. I’m a busy lady.

P.S I would like to thank John for saving me roughly $20,000 in school loans. B.U is super expensive.


5 thoughts on “Let’s start at the Beginning – a very good place to start.

  1. Wow! You are not only an amazingly gifted writer but an amazingly wonder person. I didn’t think I could love you more, but I do

  2. JP! I am so obsessed with this. It’s so good. Keep going please!! Btw- It’s ironic that we ended up as roommates and I choose Hofstra for the same reasons as you–I was lazy, didn’t want to keep looking and they gave a lot of money. #meanttobe 🙂 Honestly though, you really are an amazing writer and I enjoy your stuff a lot! Love you so much and I’m glad that you chose the wrong college because it meant that we got to meet. (Does that make me horrible? lol Not sure.)

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